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In-Depth Interviews
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In-Depth Interviews & Event Documentation

Everyone has a story to tell, but many never get told. Let us help you tell yours. Our state of the art interview studio and our expert interviewing techniques makes creating and audio visual-record quick and easy allowing anyone to tell their story, for their family, relatives, friends or the entire world. From audio-visual life stories, to eyewitness accounts of significant events our interviews form a bedrock which can easily be supplemented by adding digitized archival pictures, collectibles, keepsakes and other remembrances, for a truly enduring online memorial.


We specialize in documenting speakers, panels, performances, and other events using unobtrusive, high definition video technology and on-the-fly editing to save you money in post production. We also offer post production services editing, duplication and distribution of your event.

You can receive the recording of your event on a portable USB drive and we will upload to YouTube, Internet Archives, or your own website.

Event Documentation

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Kaua'i Worldwide Communications, Inc., began in 1986, and Kauai Worldwide Communications founder Edward Coll has been working in video production since the early 1970’s. Our goal is to make professional high definition digital video production services available to the public at an affordable price. We specialize visual storytelling, in-depth interviews, and event documentation. We're located near the town of Lihue, on the beautiful island of Kaua'i, Hawai'i.

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