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Digital Storytelling for Moving Memorials

Everybody has a story to tell. Kaua'i Worldwide Communications, Inc., specializes in documenting yours. Tell us your story, and we'll create an important memorial record of a colorful life or a meaningful event. Based in Lihu'e, Hawai'i, our video production services are available to individuals and communities throughout the islands.

Our Interviews Are InnerViews

Let us share your inner view with others. We create online memorials for when people pass, and we record the life histories of interesting people. Our expertise in psychology helps us interview subjects while encouraging them to relax and open up. They come into the studio where they're treated with the utmost compassion and respect. We work with the individual or the relatives to develop a series of questions. You can have us conduct the interview, or we can arrange to have a family member ask the questions.

Pricing for Our Services

We have a four-hour minimum with a $250 fee. Using one high-resolution camera, the final product is delivered to you on a USB drive with no editing. Optionally, we work with you to customize your project. Include photo albums of your family members to make a truly personal memorial. We work with another company to digitize all your content into a format that we can edit and integrate into your storytelling video. You pay only $25 per hour for this editing service in the studio. We can insert stills and motion clips from any digitally acquired content, but this is optional. Record your person's story before they pass on and you can always retrospectively edit at a later date. Enjoy a product as sophisticated as you would like. The final price depends on how many images you have and what type of content we use. Call today to get started.