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Interviews, Storytelling, Life Histories, and Digital Memorials

We specialize in in-depth interviews with the goal for creating an “inner-view” of the person. The interviewee comes into the studio where they're treated with the utmost compassion and respect. Our studio combines digital technology optimized specifically to put the person being interviewed at ease.

Although we have extensive experience conducting interviews we realize it is often friends and family that that know the person best and therefore are the most effective interviewer. In that case we can coach a friend or relative and develop a series of questions to help structure the interview. The timely documentation of the interview creates a baseline story that can stand on its own or be fleshed out with archival videos, images, photos, and artifacts from family albums, and other memorabilia. Whichever you choose an unedited stand-alone interview or a polished edited video with inserted images and archival footage, your final video will be delivered to you on a USB drive or uploaded to a private or public websites of your choice.

Interview Samples

The Perfect Gift

The Interview is the perfect gift for a loved one, a friend you admire or anyone with an interesting story to tell. Not only is the interview a gift to them but to yourself and others who will have the opportunity to see and hear the digital memorial for years to come.